Norway not as you know it #Hurricane

(6 & 7) NORWAY - the Arctic Circle

Eventually we did dock. It took well over two hours and we only then had an hour on land to explore, but Tromso, Tromso, I love you — it didn’t rain! Wow! There was wind, yes. Snow, yes, but at long last there was no driving rain to force me to keep my head bowed.

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(8) NORWAY - The Hurricane

I am alarmed and the feeling grows with each passing hour. Bravado dinner where all I saw was worried faces was followed by a batten-down-the-hatches assault in our cabin. Anything breakable or heavy was stowed away or put on the floor. Hub said ‘maybe we should keep our clothes on, in case we need to respond rapidly to the emergency alarm signals’. (He was joking, wasn’t he?)

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