WRITING Attract readers to your novel, short story or article


Are you a writer? 

Are you tired of trying to attract attention to your work? It's one of the lessons all writers have to go through.

When I first started writing I was afraid that someone would copy my ideas if I shared them on social media. The other day I read a novice writer expressing the same concern, but in time all writers learn that it's not  copying that is the problem, it's getting people to actually read your work in the first place.

So, in this blog I'm advocating that if you have a piece of work, whether it's a novel, a short story or an article that you'd like to draw attention to, then you have to get out there and tell people ... often ... and sometimes mind numbingly frequently!

Marketing your work is very time consuming, especially when all you will want to do is actually write. Marketing is also a huge learning curve for most writers, but it's essential, otherwise you might as well write your piece and put it straight in the cupboard.

One way of going about marketing is sending suitably scripted and sincere letters to a magazine, or entering writing competitions. If your letter is published you'll feel rewarded, and if you even manage to reach the short list of a competition your confidence will receive a huge boost. Either way you'll be putting your work in front of many potential readers.

So, today I heard that my letter to a national magazine had been printed and awarded the 'Star Letter' spot. Not only did I feel pleased because my letter had the potential to be read by 220,000 readers, but as Star Letter I won the monthly prize, which was a product I really enjoy drinking ... I won over £50 worth of Belvoir Fruit Farm Cordials! 

So it was a win-win ... my letter was true and sincerely written, and my prize was a traditional cordial that I love.  I have bought their delicious elderflower cordial for a very long time, now I'm looking forward to trying the other cordials in Belvoir Fruit Farm range.

If you come to my house and ask for a soft drink, you'll know what's going to be served ... only don't wait too long to visit because I think I might polish it all off quite quickly!