Everyone wore masks throughout the flight and although food was not available it was possible to buy hot and cold drinks plus limited snacks on board. Credit or debit card payment was the preferred method for any purchase.

Passengers were advised to stay in their seats unless they needed to use the bathroom, and as it is only a short flight (average two and half hours) most passengers stayed put. Also, unless passengers were travelling together the middle seat in rows of three was purposely  empty, and now and then a complete row was cordoned off to maintain social distancing.

I packed a packet of disinfectant wipes in my bag for the journey, and such was my concern that I dosed them with extra disinfectant before leaving Spain. I did use them. Probably unnecessarily. I know it was unnecessary on the plane because no sooner had I wiped down my seatbelt, my arm rests and the tray table than it was announced not to wipe things down because everything had been specially sanitised ... too late, the deed had been done.