This year the press has written many articles on the perils of flying during the pandemic. One newspaper even printed that there were no special checks and it was like flying into the height of madness. It was no wonder that I was anxious about flying from Spain to the UK (Usually I have no concerns about flying). I had been in Spain for just over five months and as lockdown eased and flights resumed it was time to bite the bullet and book a seat home. 

I have to say that I felt very safe in the area of Spain that I was staying (Costa Blanca). The Government’s restrictions meant that people were adhering to good practices and being sensible.

On Thursday 20th August 2020 my husband and I flew from Alicante to Bristol airport by EasyJet. I thought I’d share my flying experience during COVID-19 to reassure others who might be worried about flying as I was.

We caught the shuttle bus (Beniconnect) along the coast to Alicante airport. The bus was clean and self-distancing measures were in operation. When we arrived at the airport everything was very organised. There was ample space to keep two metres apart from everyone else and, like the rest of Spain, it was mandatory for everyone (passengers and staff) to wear a mask at all times. This was reassuring plus there were plenty of free sanitiser machines all around the departures area as there were in the concourse area of the airport.